Let’s put on our consumer hat for a minute and look at a typical car shopping scenario.

Customer:I want to buy a sport utility vehicle, I’m open to new or used, and my budget is $450 per month. I’m not sure what my credit score is. I’m also open to any make as most vehicles seem to be pretty reliable. Oh, and I want to trade in my vehicle that is currently financed.

I land on your website. Now what?

After wading through all your homepage distractions and noise, do I click on New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, get my trade-in value or see if I’m prequalified?” None of these options provide a clear and cohesive answer to the shopping scenario above.

This is the same consumer experience from virtually every website provider in the industry. Dealer websites are not created for solving the above problem that most budget minded consumers experience when shopping for a car.

To solve this problem you need to provide a one-to-one personalized shopping experience, which quickly connects the right inventory and financing options to each customer based on their unique preferences and profile, including real credit.

It’s called tru Shop-by-Payment™.

tru Shop-by-Payment™ is a Credit First vs Credit Last™ Digital Retailing solution and is the only product that does this in 3 easy steps (4 if there’s a trade-in).

Many consumers who start out looking at used switch to new and vice versa. By helping shoppers quickly narrow down all the vehicles in your inventory that meet their budget, you have a better chance of selling them a car. Also showing vehicles they may have missed or ones they didn’t think they could afford.

tru Shop-by-Payment™ gives you the opportunity to connect with consumers earlier in their buying process and truly inspire a purchase™. Engage and convert shoppers even before they visit your website, through social media and other marketing channels.

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